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International Shipping
International air transport
International rail transport
Import and export business at Hong  Kong
door to door service(DDU)
Domestic FCL transportation business
Import and export customs declaration, inspection
FORM/ (A), inspection and Quarantine


International Shipping


International Shipping: provide transport services for export container and bulk cargo by port to port or door to door.for exporting cargo booking, customs declaration, trailer, inspection, and issued bills of lading, charge d'affaires export cargo transportation insurance and freight information, freight consultation and related shipping business. To undertake ?a dragon service for export goods by road and sea transport, air transport, cargo transit, packing, unpacking, packing, with the boat, dial, trailers, storage etc. To provide customs clearance at ?overseas destination, delivery and other full-service operations for domestic and foreign customers. Professional operators have rich practical experience and high sense of responsibility, to master the domestic and international market dynamics and international freight information at any time . To meet customer requirements,providing customers with the best route and the best price, design reasonable route by professional view, timely to provide customers with goods tracking service and delivery information. EVERGREAT have established long-term good partnership with MSK, CSCL, COSCO, OOCL, PIL, EMC, CMA, WHL, NYK, MSC, Kline, Hanjin, APL, HUS, Zim, Ccni, KMTC, HMM, UASC, TSL, MCC, FESCO, SITC, mol, anl and otheshipping companies in central and South America, Caribbean routes, the North American routes. Routes in Southeast Asia, Europe and routes. Routes in Africa, the Australian airline has more significant advantages freight.

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