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International air transport
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Import and export business at Hong  Kong
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International air transport


International air transport: EVERGREAT established at Guangzhou as the core, and Hong Kong, Shenzhen as the starting point, having agency of international air transport network for more than 100 countries around the world. Providing cargo checking, tracking and information feedback;cargo exporting and transit transport from China to all over the world; air-air and air-sea from door to door ?transport by transitting at Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou; door to door,transhipment certification, certificate of origin, customs declaration documents and general dangerous goods transport, aviation business consulting. Our employs experienced, familiar with the international cargo business of high-quality professional personnel t choose the best plan for freight ?according to the customers needs or special requirements; the whole electronic system with comprehensive goods, to the most effective communication, timely feedback information of the goods; EVERGREAT establish long-term strategic partnership with Ca, CZ, Hu, Mu Oz, EK, SQ, AK, MH, MS, ey, UA, and many other well-known Airlines, hasing a clear comparative advantages in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America. While relying on worldwide network of freight forwarders, provide goods, packaging, warehousing, customs declaration, booking, shipping, insurance and other a dragon service, ensure that all the goods wiil be delivered to all over the world quickly and accurately.

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